Friday, October 18, 2013

Dibuang Sayang: ITS Students and AEC (Asean Economic Community)

Niatnya sih mau ikut lomba essay, tapi berhubung duedatenya udah kelewat dan ga sempet ngirim berkas, yaudah deh mending dipost di blog aja. Daripada dibuang, kan sayang. Sorry nih kalo bahasa Inggrisnya acak kadut. Hehehe.
Monggo disimak...

Have you ever heard about Asean Economic Community (AEC)? AEC is one of three concepts in ASEAN Integration, declared by 10 countries as members of ASEAN in Bali, 2003. AEC shall be the goal of economy integration in South East Asia that provide a single market and production base, a highly competitive economic region, a region of equitable economic development, and a region fully integrated into the global economy.

AEC is not all about economy, it contains a concept that allow liberalization in every single sector. There are twelve sectors of AEC, one of them is education. So AEC also give a big impact to a higher level of education. ITS should be strong in order to face AEC. We should prepare everything before we join AEC.
Although ITS students are not pure studying about economy, it doesn’t mean we can take AEC as a small issue. We know that working competition is going to be harder. We will face many competitors from different countries because of economic integration, especially in South East Asia region. Competing with international world, as ITS students we should take care and concentrate to improve our working skills. Not only hardskill, but also softskill should be improved.
ITS students should create International atmosphere in the campus. Nowadays, as you can see, there are many foreign students in ITS. It implies that they think ITS is a good campus for student exchange. Be brave to improve your experience by communicate with them. English class is also needed to build habit to communicate and work with foreign language.
AEC caused the opportunity to studying abroad wider. Take this as a benefit. Be brave to search information at ITS International Office and apply for international scholarships, maybe you are lucky to get it. In fact, studying abroad is very effective to improve your ability and experiences.
ITS, a university concentrate in technology, still have their students blind to use ICT (Information and Communication Technology). That’s so tragic. How can we compete in international world if we are not able to operate ICT? Nowadays, in many workplaces people have to use ICT. ITS should increase the use of computer and another ICT tools in studying and office activity.
In future, seeking job is a hard thing to do. There are some tricks to help someone gets a job, such as networks and enterpreneurship. Makes our networks wider. Graduated students of ITS who has strategic position in their company may help their junior finding job in their work place. Beside of networks, something called enterpreneurship helps someone in providing job vacancies for others. ITS students should have this enterpreneur mind.
Create many new Indonesian products, try to support and love it. For example, ITS students that join Sapu Angin team. We can create another products that based on technology, promote it to foreign countries. It will make ITS becoming popular in the world.
With all of those ways mentioned above, I believe that graduated students of ITS someday will be more valuable and easier to face ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.